Building Management

The key to ensuring the smooth running of any building is to have an experienced, professional building manager at the helm to ensure the building is secure, maintained and running smoothly. Whether a multifamily residential property, a school, a corporate office or retail facility our building managers will ensure your tenants receive the highest standard of service with any issues arising resolved promptly and efficiently.

Our managers will not only oversee the safety and maintenance of the property and ensure its compliance with all applicable regulations, they will also proactively recommend potential improvements to the property to ensure the building continues to function and respond to the needs of your tenants long into the future.

All our building managers complete the IOSH Managing Safely and the Emergency First Aid at Work training courses.

The key roles and responsibilities of our building managers include the following:

  • Occupant safety by ensuring building compliance with safety regulations, clear escape routes and regular fire alarm testing
  • Overseeing the security of the building via manned, physical or systems based security measures
  • Managing cosmetic maintenance and repair requirements, such as painting, lighting, fixtures and fittings
  • Overseeing the cleaning of communal areas both internal and external
  • Overseeing the grounds maintenance
  • Responding to occupants’ requests and complaints
  • Supervising and ensuring compliance by visiting contractors
  • The keeping of records and reporting

This is not an exhaustive list as it depends on your requirements for each individual site. For example, in the case of a residential building you may require us to manage the administration associated with tenants occupying and leaving the premises, the taking of rental payments or other administrative duties.

Servss are happy to discuss any requirements you may have …